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Due Diligence

Identifying and quantifying industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities. Identifying hidden costs, commitments, and contingencies. due Deliguse Assessment of the quality of earnings with a particular focus on recurring versus non-recurring transactions, changes in accounting policies, the impact of related party transactions.Assessment of general financial position which includes a ratio analysis, debtors and creditor analysis, Inventory valuation and it’s existence, key personal Remuneration, and tax liability compliances. Evaluating the quality and reasonableness cash flows, assessing the quality of assets such as cash and bank balance, marketable securities, loans, and advances and analysis of the basis of capitalization along with the components of cost. Assessment of the key drivers of revenue and margin growth such as price and volume changes along with the analysis of various expenses. Assessment of scenarios likely to affect the purchase price or contract conditions.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Financial Position Review
  • Vehicula Vulputate Ligula Mollis
  • Current and Historical Earnings Review